October 12 - 29, 2023

(list updates regularly until October 26th)

Hosted by Dota 2 fans worldwide, ‘pubstomps’ are viewing parties hosted in venues such as bars, LAN cafes, cinemas, or even private homes. By attending or hosting your own party, you connect with other fans, forge new friendships, and experience great matches together!

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  • Have you ever dreamed of being on the big screen?

    Here is your golden opportunity! When attending Pubstomps, you stand a chance to be featured live on the official International broadcasts! So let your enthusiasm run wild and prepare to steal the limelight!

  • The Virtual ‘Pubstomp’ Experience

    Worldwide online event

    Can't find a local pubstomp? Join our exclusive virtual experience today to solve puzzles, unlock rewards, and spectate matches with others virtually!

  • Crimson Witness Events

    Seattle, Washington — October 20th-29th

    Participate in the many community events taking place around Seattle! Visit the Side Shop featuring both unique art and team merchandise, join the mount rainier excursion, tour the museum of flight, meet other fans prior to the finals and so much more! For details join the Crimson Witness discord server.

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Location / Venue

You do not need to provide every detail about the venue to submit your event, but adding them gives potential attendees the best search experience.
Events hosted at private residences are placed under increased scrutiny. If accepted the location will not be accessible beyond its assigned events, and in some circumstances the event will include a public disclaimer. Once accepted this location will not be accessible beyond its assigned events.
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Venue features

Are we missing a critical venue feature? Contact organizer support to discuss.

Event details

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Optionally select some planned activities and features at your event. Remember, these are your own features, not the broadcasts.

Contact organizer support to suggest additional options.


Optionally list major brands sponsoring your event, their logos will appear in the event listing.

Under rare circumstances such as sponsorship conflicts, or at the broadcaster discretion, certain sponsors will not appear when accessing event details via official listings. You will be contacted by our event support team if this occurs.

Staff actions

Email is sent to the organizer when status is updated. So do so with certainty. Updating staff notes doesn't require a status change.

For reference - system generated status responses

Staff generated (added prior to your optional message)

  • Requires revision - Our staff have noted potential issues with your event submission as noted below. These problems must be addressed before staff are able to validate this event.

  • Approved - Congratulations, an event has been approved!

    No further action is required. If you choose to edit your event details - it may require re-verification.

    Staff may email details of special arrangements (such as media sharing), keep an eye on your inbox

  • Rejected - One of your submissions has been permanently rejected. It will no longer be editable.

  • Cancelled - One of your submissions has been cancelled. It will no longer be editable. If you believe this was done in error, please respond to this email.

User generated

  • Initial submission - Thank you for submitting an event! We will review your submission and email you once its status has been updated. Your event status is also listed in the organizer area.
    If you did not submit an event, a staff member might have done so on your behalf and forgot to update its status. Feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions.

  • Re-verification - Thank you following up and editing your event details!

    We will review it again and email you once its status soon. Remember, your event status is also listed in the organizer portal.

Admin actions

Important broadcast details

Licenses to Run and Broadcast DOTA 2 Events

You are welcome to use the official video feeds of The International produced by Valve in public viewing events or pubstomps, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  • You do not modify the official video feeds, in particular you do not insert third-party content or advertisements.
  • You do not misrepresent the relationship between Valve, Barcraft United, and yourself, in particular you do not present the event as being supported or endorsed by Valve or Barcraft United.

This license only covers the official video feeds produced by Valve in the English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese languages. If you want to use community casts or independent third-party video feed productions in your event you need to clear the necessary rights in those with the producers of such content.

Media share opportunity

  • Notices of Recording MUST be prominantly displayed at all entry points where you plan to capture official media at your event. Organizers are expected to retain some form of photographic evidence of notice placement for random post-event audits.
  • Organizers MUST retain proof of venue approval for on-site recording during your event, either in writing or a short video recording. Barcraft United support will contact organizers to ensure compliance. Organizers without evidence of approval wont qualify for this opportunity.
  • Events taking place in private homes (approved only in limited geographical regions) do not qualify for the live streaming opportunity.
  • Submitted media must be broadcast appropriate and must not contain any offensive, discriminatory, or explicit content.
  • Participation via the submission of media and/or a stream link does not guarantee appearance on official broadcasts or social media.
  • Specific additional Terms and Conditions will be digitally distributed closer to the broadcast date, which must agreed to for participation.

Non-broadcast events submitted by trusted organizers bypass initial staff verification and correction. Please double-check your spelling, grammar and event details. Events are randomly checked to ensure quality.

Trusted enterprise organizers can publish non-broadcast events without verification, as well as create 'secret' events only visible to other trusted organizers.

We're the glue between organic communities and big business. Barcraft United provides the platform for businesses and grassroots organizers alike to manage and oversee event listings, volunteers, to enable sponsorships and brand activations. We support and promote a sustainable future for the expanding eSports industry.

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PGL SteelSeries Twitch Valve Software
“The growth of eSports over the past few years is undeniable and the prevalence of Barcraft events worldwide is further proof of its popularity. At Major League Gaming we value our community, and Barcraft events around the globe enable fans to enjoy our competition broadcasts together, even if they can’t attend an event in person.”
Katie Goldberg – VP Communications, Major League Gaming

Our events are featured positively in worldwide media. CNET, The Wall Street Journal, DN, The Verge, and Kotaku are just a few of the press outlets that have covered our events both online and in print.

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Game Publishers

Barcraft United manages your community event experience - organizer onboarding, event validation, centralized event listings, organizer support, analytics reporting and beyond.

We validate and bring together community events from localized unknowns to an accessible and managed central location.

Let Barcraft United do the heavy lifting and be rewarded with richer community engagement. Contact us today to learn more about our platform


Franchise / venue owners

“It was unbelievable,” said Jim Biddle, a manager of Bistro 153 in Beaverton, Ore., which hosted its first Barcraft event in July. The gamers “doubled what I'd normally take in on a normal Sunday night.” Wall Street Journal – Geeks Beat Jocks as Bar Fight Breaks Out Over Control of the TV

We provide the patrons, you provide the venue! New customers, increase sales, no seasonality. We bring local event organizers, technical assistance, arrange promotional items, contests, and supplemental marketing. Find out more today

Agencies & Advertisers

Imagine ease of access - A central contact point for activation opportunities worldwide. Barcraft United actively researches, validates and coordinates hundreds of individual event organizers and venues – we take care of all the tedious leg work. Contact us to activate events with ease.


Developer API

Integrate events listings via our events API with filtering by game, parent broadcast, region and much more. White label options available. Email us to learn more

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Interested in volunteering at future esport events or hosting your own? Experienced organizers welcome.

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